Single and ready to mingle? Stuck in a relationship rut? Regardless the dating game has evolved and there are now a whole new set of rules to follow.

To help the nation navigate the perils and pitfalls of 21st century dating, blu UK electronic cigarettes has released the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of modern dating etiquette..

Some of the cheekiest new chat up lines emerging from the dating scene are: 

–       ‘Are you on twitter? Because I really want to handle you’ 

–       ‘Forget speed-dating, wanna try speed-vaping?’

–       ‘There’s no emoji that sums up how much I like you’

–       ‘Are you on LinkedIn? Because I think we have a connection’

Let’s make it a date!
Once you’ve secured the date of your dreams, don’t let the night go sour: avoid these modern romance fails for a stress-free evening: 

–       Keep phones off the dining table; your date wants to see your face, not your screen.

–       Don’t be tempted to take a snap of your food for instagram – it will look like you’re more interested in your followers than your date.

–       Refrain from ‘checking in’ your location online too; it could easily turn into a ‘live-tweet’ scenario or worse, a ‘helpful’ friend might drop by to see how it’s going.

–       Keep it offline; immediately changing your relationship status on Facebook if the date’s gone well is a sure-fire way to scare off your date.

–       If it goes really well, it might be time to move the chat away from text; take it to the next level and give them a call a few days after the date.


Loved-up couples
It’s not just those looking for love who shake up the rulebook – relationships require good etiquette too to keep the spark alive and romance blossoming. If any of the romance-killers below seem familiar, it might be time to step away from the social media…

–       Do: Keep smartphones out of the bedroom, if you want to keep the passion in

–       Do: Be wary of online PDAs; hashtagging how much you love your significant other might seem like a good idea, but does everyone really need to know about the breakfast in bed he made you? (#loveofmylife).

–       Don’t: By the same token, don’t vent online if you’ve had a disagreement; you’ll regret it later when you make up.

–       Delete your old dating profiles; there’s nothing worse than a current squeeze finding you’re still listed as ‘looking for love’ on

–       Screen your selfies: a significant other might be less than pleased by pictures of exes around your profile, or that big night out you had the other night, so think before you post!