X Factor’s Cher Lloyd is gutted after her single, Swagger Jagger, was leaked online and met with a barrage of negative comments from Twitter users.

Lloyd’s debut single, Swagger Jagger, was leaked on Youtube this morning and, although it has been removed, the track is now widely available online.

Swagger Jagger is pretty appalling, but no more than would be expected from an X Factor product, but comments on Twitter have been savage.

“I can’t stop laughing at cher lloyds new single,” said BennWolf.

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Evil_Dumbledore tweeted: “If AIDS were a song, Swagger Jagger would be it.”

While Asha_Says  wrote: “Jus’ Heard Cher Lloyds “Song” WOOOOW! urm Good Luck With Your Album When It Drops Yeah (Y) lol”

Cher Lloyd herself lost no time in mustering her army of “brats” on Twitter, writing:

“I’ve never been this upset ever! I worked so hard, and people wanna ruin it for me, if you wanted to hurt me you’ve done a great job.”

“Please don’t do this to me. i wish i was at home with my family, i’ve been through enough this year.”

And: “Me and my brats are stronger than this!! come onnnn! lets get em !!!!”

In fact, many of Lloyd’s fans have vowed not to listen to Swagger Jagger.

“I’m proud to say I haven’t listened to swagger jagger @CherLloyd <3 !” said CherLloyd_brats. “All the true fans that won’t listen to swagger jagger till the proper official release, u guys r priceless,” wrote AutumnBand. Lloyd’s three-minute dance track, which sees the X Factor runner-up rapping about her “haters” is still set to be the first single taken from Cher’s debut album, to be released in September this year. For those wondering WTF Swagger Jagger even means, it appears to be a misappropriation of the term ‘Swagger Jacker’, which Urban Dictionary defines as: “Someone who steals someone else’s, style, flow, lyrics, ideas and passes them off as their own.” All pretty funny after you’ve had a listen to Cher’s song. It’s summed up well here: digitalspy.co.uk

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