AFL players have been offered $1.1 billion over five years for their new

pay deal but have rejected it, says league chief Andrew Demetriou.


said the players had offered a deal which could be either taken up

front in salary or split as part-wages, part-pension plan.

But instead they are holding out for a percentage of between 25 and 27 per cent of total AFL revenue.

Demetriou said he believed agreement would eventually be reached between the league and players’ union.


all but ruled out strike action at a meeting in Melbourne on Wednesday

night, although they remain united in their demands for a

percentage-based cut of AFL cash.

Demetriou said he would be

happy to address players directly on the issue, and on the AFL’s

opposition to a fixed percentage pay deal.

“The more we can inform them the better,” Demetriou said.


package we’ve offered is around the $1.1 billion (mark) and that really

equates to what the broadcast rights cash component is.

“We’ll work collaboratively and constructively to get an outcome.”