Cheryl Cole has been told by docs to lay off sex and booze until she has recovered from her bout of malaria.

The singer is now home after 11 days in hospital and is being nursed by her mum Joan. However, doctors gave Cheryl a stern warning before she left, telling her that her high blood pressure meant booze and shagging are off limits.

A source told The Sun: “Cheryl managed to summon enough energy for a giggle when she was given the news about a sex ban. It’s the last thing on her mind right now.”

The person most likely to be gutted by Cheryl’s sex ban is Black Eyed Peas star

A source said: “Will has been phoning Joan and Derek non-stop to find out how Cheryl is.

“He’s also sent the most beautiful bunches of flowers. He’s been desperate to see her but she hasn’t been up to having visitors.”

However, Will may have some competition as Cheryl is also close with dancer Derek Hough, who she was on holiday with in Tanzania when she contracted the malaria.

Best get your energy up soon Cheryl!