Warning: The video attached contains graphic images

A video showing a toddler in China being hit by a van then lying in a pool of blood while several people walk past without stopping to help has shocked the world.

The CCTV footage shot last Thursday in Foshan city, in Guangdong province shows two year old Yueyue walking along a narrow street when a van hits her and drives over the top of her.

As she lies motionless on the ground in a pool of blood several people walk straight past her without a second glance.

Seconds later she is hit by another van and still no-one comes to her help.

No fewer than 18 people walk or cycle past ignoring the little girl, bleeding on the ground, until a rubbish collector finally rushes to her aid, picking her up and moving her off the road.

Finally the girl’s mother comes rushing into view gathering the child in her arms.

Yueyue was taken to a hospital in Guangzhou where she remains in intensive care.

The video, viewed by millions of people has caused an outcry and led to much soul searching about China’s morals.

“This brings a blow to our morality,” newsreader Yan Yanzi from Southern Television Guangdong said in a report.

“Where was your conscience? It is really disappointing news to watch, really disappointing,” she said.

While some viewers blamed china’s declining moral standards others blamed the famous 2006 case when a Good Samaritan who helped an old woman was wrongly ordered to pay her compensation.

Both drivers of the vans have been arrested.