After Apple’s new phone design had leaked, a Hong Kong company did an Android copy of it – an iClone – that they called GooPhone i5.

Now GooPhone threatens Apple with the argument that if the ‘copy’ was released before the ‘original’ then roles change and everything else but GooPhone i5 will be a copy.

It sounds a bit like a joke but in July this year the Chinese technology company Proview managed to get around £38 million in a fight over the ‘iPad’ trademark writes Associated Press.

The GooPhone looks similar to iPhone 4S but runs Android 4.1 Jellybean instead of iOS, writes

The latest rumour of Apple’s release of the ‘original’ iPhone 5 is currently the 12 September, writes the Guardian.

The Hong Kong company gets involved in the battle between the giants Apple and Samsung, who currently are in 50 patent disputes in 10 different countries, writes Korea Times.

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