Ji Siguang was playing a Buddhist monk in the television series Shaolin Tigers when he was arrested by the authorities in Jinhua, eastern Zhejiang province, over an assault in 1998 of a police officer. 

Best know for his role in the spy drama Lurk, Siguang (he’s not one of the shaolin monks featured above, by the way) went by the stage name of Zhang Guofeng and acted in over 30 shows before his arrest. 

He told the police that he never watched any of his performances because they made him nervous that he might be recognised.

He needn’t have worried though as it appears that his arrest was the result of information proffered by an anonymous informant, rather than by any eureka moment by the police while they were watching TV. 

He confessed to the police and explained that he had moved from city to city before settling in the Zhejiang where he began his acting career at Hengdian World Studios, China’s movie heartland.