We keep getting busier, with no sign of slowing down. Especially during the summer, we’re all working hard through the day, then trying to make the most of the last days of warm weather with festivals, evenings at the pub and days out with friends. All these additional activities have left us with very little time to do anything else.

We all need time to pamper ourselves now and again, and even more so when workloads are super stressful, and the weather might not be great. Following the summer months of weddings, BBQs, family gatherings and changing weather, I could really do with a relaxation session…

So when we’re all so busy, we’re looking for quick ways to re-invent ourselves or just catch up with the latest beauty trends. Some key trends to look out for this summer cover beautiful skin, slick eyeliner and natural eyebrows. Seen on several runways for the Spring/Summer 2015 shows, ‘dewy skin’ is a big trend this summer, especially helpful during the hot nights! Switch heavy foundations for lighter bases (think: BB Creams). An illuminating highlighter is key to this look, as is well-moisturised skin. Beautiful skin that doesn’t take ages to recreate!

Another trend popping up on the runways, and something to pair with your ‘dewy’ skin, is natural brows. Cara Delevigne started something of a ‘brow revolution’ when she stepped on the catwalk with natural, larger brows – a stark contrast to the over plucked, and over arched brows previously seen. Don’t have big brows, but want to add volume? Pick a eye pencil that matches your natural hair colour (and a similar shade to your brows – but it doesn’t need to be identical), and shade within your natural brow. Instant bushy, beautiful brows!

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Now, I’d love to carry on chatting, but I’m off to book myself into a cool London nail bar ..