A married man has been unmasked as the author of a sex blog supposedly written by a Chinese prostitute, The Shanghai Daily reports

The wildly popular ‘Diary of a Sex Worker’ appeared to chronicle the life of Chinese prostitute Ruo Xiao’an’s life, lifting the lid on her profession and dishing the dirt on her clients.

But police have discovered that the real author is 31 year old, male magazine editor named Li.

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The Zhejiang- based blogger, Li reportedly attracted 260,000 followers by allegedly plagiarising foreign literature to create his female sex worker persona.

Police were alerted by the “sex worker’s” claim that “she” had amassed 3000 clients.

Their investigations soon led them to Li’s home on China's east coast.

Fans reportedly described Ruo as  "China's most talented prostitute" and encouraged her to become a full-time author.

Li was subseqently fined 500 yuan ($80) for disturbing the social order.