We’ve all heard of pet owners dressing up their pets in all kinds of strange and adorable outfits but what the pets really seem to be wanting now is YOUR clothes.  

Norris the cat in particular is on the hunt for your underwear and he doesn’t seem to need your permission to get it.

There’s no need to get your knickers in a knot though because the cat’s owner, Richard Windsor has noticed his mischievous cat’s behavior and unlike his feline pet, he’s shown trustworthy qualities in returning his neighbor’s belongings.

The Daily Mirror quoted Richard saying: “He was well behaved up to the age of one, then he turned to a life of crime. Over the last four months, he has really started to up his game. Initially it was dusters and dish cloths but this has now intensified to clothes, including bras, pants and T-shirts.”

“Fortunately our neighbours have been good natured.”

This cat certainly knows how to commit the purr-fect crime. 

Image: msn.now