The Cornish pair, Peter and Hazelmary Bull, had taken the verdict that they had breached equality legislation to Court of Appeal, but it was rejected by three judges. The guesthouse owners were told to pay a fine in November last year of £3,600 in damages.

They protested that they considered that sex outside of marriage was “a sin” but pleaded that they did not discriminate against Mr Hall and Mr Preddy because they were gay.

“We’re delighted that the Court upheld the judgment. The Court’s decision vindicates Stonewall’s hard lobbying to make it illegal to deny goods or services to someone just because they happen to be gay.” said Chief Exec of gay rights group Stonewall, Ben Summerskill.

“That obviously includes hotel rooms for many gay holidaymakers, which can only be a good thing in a Jubilee year. I hope Mr and Mrs Bull will now feel content to go home to do God’s good work as Easter approaches, instead of relentlessly pursuing a happy couple through the courts.” he continued.