Christina Hendricks appeared naked in a TV series years before she became famous for her role as Joan Holloway in Mad Men. The 2002 show, Firefly, features the curvy Hendricks topless as she seduces, and knocks out, her on-screen husband.

US TV series Firefly was not a big hit and would have slipped into obscurity had it not been for Mad Men star Hendricks’ performance as sexy assassin Saffron.

In this clip, Hendricks is seen waiting naked in bed for her husband on their wedding night. However Saffron has a hidden agenda and, as soon as the couple kiss, her husband staggers backwards and collapses.

It’s pretty lurid stuff and certainly wasn’t going to win the actress any awards. Hendricks fans have, however, been flocking to watch the Firefly clip, probably hoping for a chance to see her famous rack (they’ll be disappointed – she stays strategically hidden!).

Christina Hendricks – whose measurements are apparently 39D-30-39 – has been in the limelight since her turn as Mad Men’s Joan Holloway and has been credited with a making curvy women fashionable again.

Christina Hendricks in Vivienne Westwood campaign – pictures

Hendricks recently appeared as the face for Vivienne Westwood’s new jewellery range. At the time, Westwood paid homage to the actress, calling her “the embodiment of beauty”.

Hendricks herself has said she is sick of the focus on her curves. So shame on you if you’re watching this video just to see her naked!

Christina Hendricks naked in Firefly.