The 27-year-old striker is on £9.6m a year, but due to Spain’s easygoing tax regime takes home £7.2m.

The Portuguese international now wants take-home pay of £12m a year. That would mean £14.5m a year gross. However, Madrid’s problem is that, in two years’ time, Ronaldo’s tax rate will skyrocket from 24 to 52 per cent.

That would mean for him £12m after tax Madrid would have to pay him almost £25m a year – that’s a massive £480,000 weekly. Ronaldo did not celebrate either of his two goals against Granada on the weekend and afterwards said: “I am sad and the people at the club know about it.

“It’s about professional issues. I can’t say any more.”

But with UEFA’S new financial fair play rules due to start in two years’ time, Madrid’s bosses are not keen to give into the superstar.

To be fair to Ronaldo, he’s done everything asked of him since arriving from Manchester United three years ago, scoring 114 goals in just 104 games, not to mention the millions he generates for the club in merchandising, sales and sponsorship deals.