The 80,000 capacity stadium erupted with boos as Osborne took the stage, the Chancellor initially laughed, then looked disconcerted as it continued.

It’s presumed that the boos were a response to the Coalition government with Prime Minister David Cameron. When Osborne presented Ellie Simmonds with her gold medal, there are distinct boos in a video captured by a member of the audience (see below), yet the boos are drowned out by cheers for Simmonds, the outstanding British Paralympian swimmer with achondroplasia. 

“I’ve met him at his house, in number 10,” said Simmonds to The Daily Mail.  “It’s great to meet him in my place, really, at the pool.’

The Daily Mail asked Simmonds what Osborne said to her when presenting the medal. “’It was just congratulations,” said the swimmer.

“I don’t really remember much, but being on the podium was just an amazing atmosphere and an amazing experience really, to be on it second time running. I’m just really pleased.”