The cast-iron weights have traditionally been used by Russian strongmen for years, so it’s a little more acceptable for manly types than, say, taking zumba.
But that doesn’t mean the ladies can’t join in, too. Far from bulking up the body – which is what many women fear when it comes to weight lifting – kettlebells give a healthy all-over body workout.

The Pure Kettlebells class at Pure Gym in Wandsworth involves a circuit – basically a series of stretches with kettlebell lifts mixed in.

Not only does this achieve all-over muscle tone and improve your core, but it also doubles as a cardiovascular workout.

We can attest to this, having turned crimson-faced and sweated profusely just 30 minutes into the one-hour class. And this with the smallest weight we could find.

Don’t fear the kettlebells, though. The class is simple enough for even an unfit beginner like us to catch on quick, and you’ll be increasing the weight you use in no time. Et voila! Consider yourself toned-up totty.

52 Wandsworth High Street, SW18 4LD

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