Beaming combines fitness movements with balance, core and stability training as you work out within the confines of a 5ft plank.
The idea is that the unstable surface of the beam triggers muscles surrounding your spine and pelvis, improving your gait and posture. As well as burning fat, you’ll build up overall muscle tone as the class takes you through a range of functional movements.

It’s harder than it looks to stay balanced on the beam as you exercise and you’re sure to get some new muscles aching.
The name does not, in fact, refer to the physical beam, but to BEAM, the four key elements of the class:
• Body balance
• Engage your core
• Align your spine
• Move through life

So if you like a new toy with your workout then Beaming could be the class for you in 2012.

Beaming is available at selected Virgin Active clubs throughout 2012