Money News: Outrageous underwear

❚ Queen Victoria’s 1860 knickers sold for £9375 this month. The knee-length silk garment was embroidered with the initials ‘VR’ for Victoria Reginato.

❚ Victoria Secret’s Red Hot Fantasy bra and panties will set you back £9.4m. The red- satin set is covered in 1300 gemstones, including 300 carats of rubies. Let’s hope he’s worth it.

❚ One of Madonna’s legendary corsets (with nipple tassels intact) sold for £45,000 in October. The bustier, made 24 years ago, was worn during the star’s 1987 Who’s That Girl tour.

❚ Miranda Kerr returned to the catwalk this month to model a £1.6m bra adorned with 142 carats of gold sparklers at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Save Money: Best Deals in London

Scrambling for some extra cash this week? Read up on our money-saving advice:

The Drink Specials iPhone app lets you find happy hours and drink specials in more than 200 cities (including London). You’ll make a return on the cost – £1.24 – by locating budget beers or super-cheap margaritas.

Make huge savings on your rent by becoming a ‘property guardian’, where you can live in various properties as a security option for owners worried about squatters and vandalism. The pay-off for staying short term is living centrally. See

Eat at any All Bar One restaurant for just £5 by printing off a voucher from the chain’s website ( have to pick from a list of seven dishes, but at five quid, who cares? The offer ends November 30.

How You Spend It!

Michael Cummo, 20
Job Fresh Media Group intern
From New Jersey
Lives Kensington

How do you budget?
I don’t mind spending money on big trips, so I do, and just keep track of everything else.

Any money-saving tips for living in London?
Always check your account and what’s pending. A lot of times, things will go through days later, and then I’ll have less money than I thought. Getting caught out sucks.

Last big blow-out?
A camera lens. It was a £500 gift to myself. I had to tighten my belt a little afterwards.

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
Alcohol and eating out. I really don’t like to cook, so I’m always trying to hunt out cheap restaurants. I also spend on awesome tourist experiences, like the London Eye – I like to get as much out of a city as possible.