Slow-pitch is the most popular type of softball in the country, played with five men and five women per team.

This social game places an emphasis on hitting the ball, rather than trying to strike out opposing batters, meaning everyone gets a chance to enjoy the feeling of whacking the ball across the park.

They also have fast-pitch teams, in which – as the name suggests – the pitching and the speed of play is faster.

For an even quicker game, The Meteors are aligned to baseball club the London Mets, the only club in London with teams in every division, from under-10s kids through to all levels of adults.

All of these versions of base sports are great for toning up legs and thighs.

Winter is a great time to try out America’s favourite pastime, with ‘Baseball for Beginners’ starting in January.

Membership costs from £90 per year per adult or from £25 for a beginners course over five or seven weeks.

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