Just in time for the release of Immortals on DVD, Ricky Blanchard, who trained the film’s stars, has teamed with celebrity trainer Stuart Saxby (pictured) to create a boot camp designed to give you a body to rival even the toughest Greek God.

But it definitely won’t be an easy ride – the trainers have made sure it’s the a hard-hitting, intense workout. Well, they do say no pain, no gain, right?

The gruelling day-long session for both men and women works on the core muscles to create chiselled abs. Expect lots of squats, sprints, burpees, jumps and lunges.

If you’re really up for shifting some weight, consider the week-long boot camp in Norfolk, where you’ll be given a diet plan almost identical to the one followed by Henry Cavill (who plays Theseus in the movie) and the other Immortals stars.

The trainers pledge to help you shed up to 10lbs in the week.

London sessions, costing £32.50, run from March 5-April 2 and last from 10am-4pm, with an hour-long break in the middle. Or the week-long camp in Norfolk is £248.50.

Where: Hampstead Heath
Web: no1bootcamp.com
Rail: Hampstead Heath
Immortals is out on DVD, Blu-ray and download on March 5