Games are a mere 40 minutes long, but during that time you’ll be begging your opponent for mercy, as we were the last time we played.

The rules are simple: use all four walls to hit the ball against, and when your opponent lets it double bounce, you get a point. Easy, right? Not so much.

This high-speed racquet sport burns an estimated 500 calories every 30 minutes and combines lunges with sprinting, powerful swings and core movement, plus the competitive among us will find it hugely addictive.

Finsbury Leisure Centre offers four courts for ‘pay and play’ sessions, Monday-Friday 7am-9.20pm.

Alternatively, amp up your game by getting some tips and advice on techniques, plus a fresh squash partner every week at their Club Night on Fridays 6-9pm.

A 40-minute game for two people costs £10.50 or £8.50 with membership (£50 per year).

Meanwhile, court bookings are discounted on Club Night to £4.50 for everyone. Bargain.

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