The theme is, as you guessed, garden-esque. If the Mad Hatter threw a tea party in Newtown it would look like this. And while fairy lights, astro turf, exposed brick and trendy tattooed staff are all staples of the inner-city pub revamp, what makes this bar unique is the menu created by new Head Chef, Ernie Priestley.

The grub: Tacos be gone, Sydney has had enough! The tex-mex drinking food has been taking over pub menus for long enough now and the Marly says no more. Instead, they bring you heart-shaped waffles ($8), that’s right the fat American breakfast food, but serve them dinner-style with tasty toppings like pulled pork, Philly steak, and buttermilk fried chicken.

The food also takes a leaf out of the 1970’s suburban Mum recipe book. You can get fish fingers ($12), a platter of cheese, cabanossi and jatz ($18) and the Aussie Christmas special, the prawn cocktail ($19). Retro.

There’s also 1970’s Dad-in-charge food with nacho fries ($18) – a huge plate of fries with a ground beef, cheese and tomato salsa topping. So wrong, but so, so good.

Behind the bar: Cocktails are fun. A citrus-inspired Bit of Ginge ($15) is a bartender favourite, “we love asking people if they want a bit of ginge!” says one.

Or why not sip on a Gin and Juice ($15), served in coloured plastic cups, it’s what Snoop-Dogg would want. There is also your regular beers and ciders on tap, including Dirty Granny Cider.

Bill please: Very reasonably priced for pub food. Go mid-week for Waffle Wednesday and get these beauties half price.

Verdict: it may be getting chilly but the Garden Bar is a warm addition to Newtown’s heaving pub scene. Great for afternoon drinks with friends.

145 King Street, Newtown