Despite the crime rates on the once mean streets of New York City dropping to all time lows this year, it seems that walking a beat can still be a dangerous job for the men and women of the NYPD.

A police officer was attempting to rescue a cat who had gotten itself trapped in a tree outside of an elementary school in Queens when he himself became stuck.

With the frightened feline perched a lofty 30ft (a shade under 10 meters) up in the tree, the officer was afflicted by a sudden spell of vertigo.

“The cop went up after the cat. The cat went a little further out. So, the cop went further out and he got stuck,” said a NYPD source quoted in the Metro.

Luckily for both the cat and its would be rescuer, the New York Fire Department quickly responded to the call and were able to bring both safely back to terra firma with the use of a tower ladder.

I bet the officer in question will have to cop a little catty abuse in the locker room over this incident.

Image: Getty