Cologne Cathedral

This gothic giant structure rules Cologne’s skyline with its twin towers that loom over the city. Inside you’ll find the Shrine of the Three Magi, a tomb that is said to hold one of the Three Kings.

Schokoladen Museum

This is a museum dedicated entirely to choccies, and while it’s no Willy Wonka factory, it’s pretty sweet as far as museums go. Learn about growing cocoa, watch the chocolate production line in action and eat a wafer that’s freshly covered in chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

Beer halls

Get involved in some hearty German nosh from sausages and sauerkraut to massive pork knuckles with mash and wash it down with a stein of bier. Beer halls are also a great way of meeting some of the locals as the bench seating and shared tables makes it quite a social event.


Cologne is fairly compact and easy to walk around with a great selection of shops, from boutiques to high street stores.