The High Cross on Tottenham High Road was put up for lease by Haringey Council which caught the eye of landlords in waiting Chris Johnson and Alex Beeston.

The public convenience dates back to this period and it was a toilet up to about 30 years ago when it fell into disuse,” said Chris. “We’re going to keep the ‘Ladies’ and ‘Gentlemen’ signs outside and light them up at night, while inside we’ve kept a lot of the original tiles as well as the original dividing walls. We’ll also be paying homage to its history with artworks including some beautiful old postcards of Tottenham.”

Chris will be manning the kitchen and aims to rustle up a wonderful variety of Sunday roasts, stews, bar snacks, salads and puddings for diners inside and – when it gets warmer – those sitting at the tables outside while Alex works the bar.

The High Cross will be open over the next few weeks – keep an eye out…