The Colonel and Condi sitting in a tree: K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

Well not exactly but it HAS come to light that Colonel Gaddafi, the murderous despot who has ruled Libya with an iron fist for the last 41 years, has developed a soft spot for the former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

His crush on Rice was revealed after the rebels ransacked his deserted compound and discovered a photo album full of glossy photographs of the former U.S. national security adviser.

However looking back at some of Gaddafi’s earlier statements about Rice, it’s amazing his apparently “secret crush” wasn’t discovered sooner.

In a 2007 interview to al-Jazeera he gushed about President George W Bush’s then righthand woman:

"I support my darling black African woman," he said. "I admire and am very proud of the way she leans back and gives orders to the Arab leaders … Leezza, Leezza, Leezza. … I love her very much. I admire her andI'm proud of her because she's a black woman of African origin."

On another occasion referred to her as his "darling black African woman".

The following year, Gaddafi and Rice met again when she paid a visit to Libya in a historic attempt to repair relations between the US and Libya.

Gaddafi took the opportunity to set up a late night Tête à Tête with Rice and to garland her with expensive gifts.

"His [Gaddafi's] face lit up when he saw Rice," The Washington Post reported at the time. “Gaddafi simply placed his right hand over his chest, a traditional and respectful welcome."

Rice has not commented on the discovery of the photo album but State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland who responed to descriptions of the album said:

“…bizarre and creepy are good adjectives to describe much of Gaddafi's behaviour. So (it) doesn't surprise me. It's deeply bizarre and deeply creepy, though, if it is as you described.”


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