Police were called to a Conservative MP’s house after his teenage daughter’s party was gatecrashed by around 100 people who has found out about it on Facebook.

Simon Kirby and his wife were away on holiday when their daughter Briony, 19, decided to have a small gathering with a few friends. However, the news spread through Facebook and the £2.25m mansion was stormed by uninvited guests.

Neighbours were abused, sworn at and kept awake by the teenagers, who also made their way onto the golf course behind the house in Brighton.

Briony eventually called the police after about an hour and a half when it became clear that she was unable to get people to leave. The youths dispersed on hearing the sirens and no arrests were made.

Mr Kirby, MP for Brighton and Kemptown, has since issued a statement apologising and has supposedly been to see his neighbours personally. However, angry residents have claimed that he had not been to speak to them about the incident.

The damage to the house was fairly minimal, with one pane of glass and a door being broken, while several bottles and cans were scattered around the golf course.

Mr Kirby lives in the six-bedroom property with his wife and six children.