Minimum Wage in Canada

The highest minimum wage in Canada is in Nunavut at C$10 per hour, with Ontario at a close second with C$9.50. Otherwise, most provinces’ minimum wage hovers between C$8-9 per hour.

Cost of Basics

Movie Ticket C$12.00
1 L of Milk C$2.12
2L of Coke C$1.64
Big Mac C$3.52
Subway Ticket (Toronto) C$2.75 (Adult)
1 L of Gas 85.2 cents (Toronto) to 100 cents (Vancouver)
Pint of Beer: C$4.75


Canadian Tax Rates


C$ 0-40,726 15%
C$ 40,726-81,542 22%
C$ 81,452-126, 264 26%
Over C$ 126,264 29%