Current Economy

With the world’s ninth largest economy, Canada enjoys economic freedom only seen in some of the strongest nations of the world. International trade plays a large role on the economy, as does its wealth of natural resources. With natural resources including oil, coal, copper, iron ore, gold and a number of elements (nickel, uranium, lead), Canada thrives in the global economic forum. It is, then, notably one of the largest exporters of energy in the world. The related industries of paper and logging also contribute significantly to the nation’s economy.

The service sector is the largest employer in the country, employing approximately three quarters of the working population. Business, health, and education services follow as the other leading sectors in the country. Canada is also one of the world’s largest agricultural suppliers, as it can afford to use its landscapes to produce a wide variety of products.

Canada’s economy is currently outperforming many of the world’s industrialised nations, even in the recent economic downturn. Canada’s federal government has put in place a two year, billions of dollars campaign to create jobs and revive industries, stabilizing the economy in the downturn. That doesn’t mean everything is all “hunky doorey” in Canada, employment-wise. Employers are looking to hire native Canadians over immigrants and the job hunt may prove to be difficult as a result. Best to tap into Canada’s natural resources sectors as they won’t be dying away anytime soon (with more and more discoveries each year).

Employment Hubs


  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Oil/ Energy
  • Service


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile and apparel manufacture
  • Electronic goods manufacture
  • Tobacco
  • Finance


  • Film and Television
  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical/ Biotechnology
  • Design


  • Telecommunications
  • Software development
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism


  • Film and Television
  • Aviation
  • International trade
  • Banking and Finance


Average weekly wages in all industries: C$ 810
Retail Sales: C$ 11 per hour
Executive Assistant: C$ 22 per hour
Electrician: C$ 25 per hour
Registered Nurse: C$ 32 per hour
Computer Engineer: C$33 per hour
Lawyer: C$ 36 per hour
Engineering Manager: C$ 45 per hour
Dentist: C$ 60 per hour