Turkish father-of-six Turgut Oymen, 73, was preparing to celebrate his golden wedding with life-long sweetheart Nese after a happy half-century together. But his bliss was shattered when she phoned him from Istanbul – 550 miles away – to tell him that she had fallen in love with a 55-year-old doctor and wasn’t coming home.

A bewildered Turgut responded by heading down to a river close to his home in the village of Kiziltas. There the distraught senior citizen cut off his penis and hurled the severed member into the water before calling for an ambulance. He was taken to hospital where doctors rushed to stem the blood flow – but a search of the river bank failed to find the discarded dick so that it could be reattached.

The Daily Mirror quoted a hospital spokesman who told local media outlets: “He lost a lot of blood and is lucky he didn’t die at his age. He told medics that he had decided to get rid of his manhood because he felt it was useless and he felt like he was no longer a man.”

A friend of Turgut, 70-year-old Mehmet Koc – no, honestly – said: “He was absolutely devoted to Nese and when she said he wasn’t coming back his whole world fell apart. He phoned her and begged her to return but she refused, saying she was in love with this doctor. He said he had devoted his life to her, and could not even think about meeting someone else.”

Turgut is recovering from his injury and is being treated for depression.