The foolish traveller’s bad beehive-ier at the buzz stop brought dire consequences as the angry insects launched a stinging counter-attack on a total of 22 passengers – three of whom were kept in hospital for observation after suffering swollen body parts and a high fever.

The bizarre incident took place after the bus pulled over at the side of the road in Vietnam’s central province of Quang Ngai to allow male passengers to relieve themselves during their long journey to the northern province of Phu Tho.

As the men lined up on the highway verge one of them spotted the bees nest and decided to amuse himself by urinating on it. Not good thinking. The swarm of buzzing insects understandably took exception to being p*ssed on from a great height and retaliated at once.

Several of the men complained about being stung on their private parts – doubtless after being caught in full stream, as it were. Others were attacked on the face and hands by the wrathful bees, which also followed passengers on to the bus to continue extracting their excruciating revenge. Wonder if they finished off with a stingalong on the back seat….