Whichever way you slice your holiday, grandpa won’t want to suffer the arcade, and the kids will not walk along a beach if building a sandcastle isn’t part of the deal. Consequently, this can spur on arguments that trash a family holiday, and leave all the hard work and money falling by the wayside.

However, there no longer needs to be a tug of war on such matters; the cruise holiday is for everyone. Below are three reasons why your diverse family should clamber aboard a cruise and set sail!

Fun on Deck!

Many families may seek out a cultured restaurant on holiday, only for their kids to embarrassingly make a scene in front of everybody. To children, the holiday is their freedom to get overly excited, perhaps so even the French can learn their wrath. It’s a familiar narrative, and one that is swiftly brushed aside with the cruise holiday.

Cruises are essentially rammed with endless activities for kids, all while safety and discipline are provided by staff. Some cruises even have a vast array of children’s clubs, featuring everything from parties to learning new skills. It’s a stimulating scene for the age group, one that will spend all their hyperactivity so that they are ready for a trouble free bed time!

Unwinding Onboard

Of course, holidays are by definition, a break from it all. Joints ache, minds begin to falter, and the holiday swoops in to allow adults and elderlies everywhere the opportunity to recharge their batteries.

Spa sessions and sun bathing – it’s all there while everyone else gets up to whatever. You are at liberty to, for once, worry about yourself. After all, you can take all the responsibility off your shoulders, and have them rubbed instead! Besides, if you’re elderly, no doubt you’ll walk out feeling twenty again, even if it’s just for a few blissful minutes.

(Mostly) Affordable Pricing

When it comes to the cruise, many envision Leonardo DiCaprio partying aboard his yacht, or the privileged few on a cruise watching the solar eclipse as Bonnie Tyler belts out ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. Ultimately, the experience often seems just out of reach, chalked up to a ‘what if’ mentality. 

However, cruises aren’t as exclusive as many may believe. Companies such as Bolsover Cruise Club offer enormous price reductions on their offers, rendering some deals more affordable and thus more accessible to the masses. Of course, lower prices mean fun for the full family, with the rest like accommodation, food and fun all likely included. After all, if it’s cheaper to hop aboard a cruise than it is to live in London, many families should easily see the appeal!