After applying for a job in Airsoft and Hobby World, handing over a copy of his resume in the process, the teen nonchalantly takes a $129 Airsoft gun off the rack, looks over his shoulder and walks out the store – completely forgetting the fact he has just handed over a piece of paper containing his name, date of birth, and address.

Staff from the store showed the CCTV footage to a reporter at a local TV station who then decided to pay the teen a visit, turning up on his doorstep and quizzing him on his actions.

At first, the cerebrally-challenged teen – who had described himself as “a fast learner” and skilled in the art of “conflict resolution,” – denied stealing anything, going so far as to say that he had never even visited the store. Having handed in his CV, how he expected this deceit to convince is beyond fathomable.

However, once he was shown the footage of his shoplifting excursion, he pleased guilty, confessing to his ill-fated dabbling in crime.

“Honestly, I wasn’t planning on stealing anything. I was actually trying to get a job,” the teen said to the reporter. “What can I say? I’m a teenager, that’s stupid.”

Realising the predicament he had landed himself in he added: “What time do you think the cops will be here, so I can put some shoes on?”

A junior Al Capone in the making he is not.