Police and bailiffs met resistance from Dale Farm supporters and travellers as they moved into the illegal site to start evictions this morning.

Riot police appeared to anger residents and supporters after they breached a fence to enter the site.

Supporters and travellers had dug in and put up barricades at the site after a Court of Appeal judge ruled on Monday that the travellers can not challenge an earlier verdict allowing the evictions to go ahead.

Electricity had also reportedly been cut.

Bricks and projectiles were hurled at police as they tried to break through the barriers.

There were also reports that travellers and supporters were planning to chain themselves to the main gate.

Around 50 officers were involved in the operation. One resident Nora Egan claimed he had been hit by a police baton as she told off police for breaking down fences.”This is being led by the police, there is no sign of bailiffs,” she said.

Several supporters have already been taken into custody after violent skirmishes with police.