Six protesters have been injured during the eviction of residents at the Dale Farm traveller site in Essex, with two being Tasered by police, according to reports.

However, police say they are now in control of the illegal traveller site – the UK’s largest – describing it as a “peaceful situation”.

Basildon council has been attempting to evict the travellers for weeks, but the site’s residents were granted a rash of last-minute court injunctions preventing the action.

However, the travellers lost their final eviction appeal this week and the bailiffs were given permission to move in.

But residents insisted they would fight off the bailiffs.

Dale Farm bailiffs begin evictions

Dale Farm travellers lose eviction appeal

Police were attacked as they entered the site at 7am this morning. Activists hurled bottles at officers and apparently swung spades at police wearing riot gear.

Essex Police Superintendent Trevor Roe said: “We are now in control and have a peaceful situation and want to bring this to a close.

“No officers were injured, there is calm on the site and officers will continue to assist Basildon Council.”

Basildon Council leader Tony Ball commented: “I am absolutely clear that after 10 years of negotiation and seeking a peaceful solution what we are doing is absolutely the right thing.

“It is absolutely right that the police led the operation and I thank them for it.”

He added: “It now looks like things have quietened down a bit and I call on the travellers to ask the protesters to stand down, so that the clearing of the site can be done in the most safe and dignified manner.”

However, travellers have complained that people were injured needlessly by police.