The 32-year-old, perhaps more famous for dating Katie Price than for his 1990’s tenure as a member of boyband Another Level, was questioned by police along with another man over the weekend.

A woman had claimed that in the early hours of Saturday she was attacked in a hotel room, shortly after Bowers had headlined a DJ set at the Deco Lounge club in Hertford

Police took a video statement from the woman, the newspaper reported.

Bowers, who starred on the 2010 version of Celebrity Big Brother, was arrested after attending Hatfield police station on Tuesday.

He was accused of conspiracy to rape, while a 35-year-old friend was questioned over suspicion of rape.

The pair had DNA, mugshots and fingerprints taken before they were interviewed.

Bowers later tweeted: “I must have a f***ng target on my back!! Jesus crist!! There’s a lot of Opportunistic f***ers out there!!”