Fried cockroaches were one of the highlights on the entrée menu along with earthworms and scorpions, reports The Huffington Post.

Even when you think that nothing can top this delight, the mains consisted of goat’s penis and testicles, rattlesnakes, ostrich, muskrats and beaver.

Some of the former members of The Explorers Club first visited the North Pole and summit of Mt. Everest, so the adventurer inside for most involved probably proved the meal to be a success.

“Ninety-eight percent of the population of America will not go outside of the beef, pork and poultry diet,” said club member Gene Rurka. “The hope is that you’ll see something that you think is despicable, and you’re willing to try it. That’s where the adventure comes in.”

Perhaps next time you think about killing that beloved creepy crawly pestering you in the night, consider the tasty sprinkles you could add to your breakfast in the morning.