Pop-up takes flight

If you shudder at the thought of plane food, a new restaurant in Shoreditch might change your mind. British Airways will be opening a pop-up called Flight BA2012, inside a cabin, for two weeks. The restaurant/art gallery/cinema will showcase the best in British talent, including a menu inspired by 1948 – the last time London held the Olympics. A three-course meal with champagne costs £50. Tickets are on sale now, via BA’s Facebook page, for April 4-17. 


Drink to the blues

If you like to sip whisky to the wheeze of a harmonica, try the new cocktail from the Blues Kitchen in Camden. Blues Baptism is a concoction of sherry, orange peel, Sazerac rye whisky and cherry bitters. Its creation was inspired by the ritual of blues harmonica players, who used to soak their ‘harps’ in whisky to swell the wooden bodies, making them more airtight for louder, faster playing. The cocktail, priced at £15, comes garnished with a harmonica, so punters can play a tune themselves. 


Free frozen yoghurt

FRAE, the frozen yoghurt outlet taking over London, is offering TNT readers a free small frozen yoghurt when they produce this issue at its stores at Boxpark, Shoreditch or Islington on Tuesday, March 27. FRAE Frozen yoghurt is 100 per cent fat free, but if your waistline is of no concern, pile on lashings of salted caramel or blueberries and white chocolate chips.