The hilarious David Walliams rubbed ITV1 bosses up the wrong way by carrying out a series of unbroadcastable comments throughout the Manchester leg of Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

The 40-year-old Little Britain star continued to make smutty jibes, littered his comments with innuendos and flirted with hosts Ant and Dec.

After one act involving dancers lifting each other he asked Simon Cowell: “But did it raise you up?”

The Little Britain star also made jokes about sex toys and patted Dec’s bum.

But he also stuck up for many of the acts that incurred the wrath of the hard-to-impress Simon Cowell.

When Cowell criticised an act for not being ‘showbizzy’ enough, Walliams shot back instantly with: “Yeah, have a bit of work done, become friends with Louis Walsh, go on holiday with Sinitta, have your picture taken with your top off and some fruit in your mouth.”

And then when Cowell made scathing remarks to a boyband eager to progress to the next round, David reassured them: “I like that you’re five young guys and you’re not One Direction [the Cowell-signed boyband]. Not everyone likes One Direction.”

And at one point he said, “Don’t worry they’re not talking about you Simon,” when the others asked whether the Queen would enjoy one of the other acts.

For his part, Cowell seemed to enjoy the wise-cracking Walliams, as it’s not often that anyone gets one over him.

An ITV1 source said Walliams was still undergoing a learning curve.

“He was very funny but we need him to be more family-friendly,” the source said. “But we’re still confident we made the right choice. Simon Cowell loves the banter and thinks the new panel has great chemistry.”

Cowell later tweeted his feelings about the day, calling the comedian “insane”. He also commented on the auditions, saying, “think we found a star but won’t give it away.”