Springbok coach Peter de Villiers has denied the existance of a sex tape and labelled the latest scandal to hit SA Rugby as a form of “revenge” to undermine him.
De Villiers was named in a Saturday newspaper as the victim of a blackmail scam by an official and player who were holding a video tape showing the coach involved in a sexual deed as leverage to keep a player in the team.

De Villiers told Afrikaans Sunday paper Sondag that there was no videotape and he challenged those who said otherwise to produce such.

“There is not one word of truth in the article,” he told Sondag.

“There is no video and there never was an incident. I heard about this before the All Black test, but there was no blackmail either.”

De Villiers said he was consulting his lawyers and would “sue anyone involved” with the story and called it a plot by “those with hidden agendas”.

“If I look at the woman who was assaulted before our test against Australia last Saturday then I realise again that there are a lot of people who don’t want me to succeed,” he said.

“If you look at the reports when we win, its always someone else’s team, someone else’s game plan but when
we lose, then its my fault.

“If you look at the article and you remove the talk of blackmail, then you can see what the agenda behind it is.”

De Villiers said he had to call his family together to discuss the article with them, and it was “the hardest thing I had to do.

“Even though there is no truth in the allegations, they will always have doubt, and will always wonder, and that is sad. Look at Jacob Zuma. Even though a court said he didn’t rape a woman, people still believe he did. It’s the same with me.”

The newspaper also quoted two officials who were with De Villiers on his trips to the Eastern Cape this year, who said there “simply wasn’t time” for anything to happen.

“We travelled to East London and then out and there was no time for anything to happen,” Jonty Goslett, De Villiers’ agent told Sondag.

His former assistant Neil de Beer repeated a similar story.