Q My girlfriend wants to talk about feelings and the like, and while it’s not my favourite pastime, I do it to please her.

But if I start talking about rugby or cricket, she dismisses me completely. I don’t get why I have to talk about feelings when she won’t talk about sport. Is this fair?

A I don’t know about fair, but it’s pretty common for girls to be uninterested in sport. And though it might be annoying to have to talk about your feelings all the time, your girl does have a point.

Discussing feelings isn’t exactly a pastime, but it is a bit of a necessity to keep a relationship going.

Still, it would be nice if she showed some interest in something you like, so perhaps you should bring up the subject without comparing sport to feelings – she may be slightly more receptive.

If that fails, lead in with David Beckham. Girls love that stuff, just be warned: this may turn into a discussion about Posh and Becks, and that could really be a deal breaker.

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