Q I’ve been in a relationship for three years, but I kissed a girl from work at the office  party.

I’m confused about what I should do. I love my girlfriend, but feel like I’m in a bit of a rut and am attracted to the girl at work. What should I do?

A Naturally, you should focus your attention on the more attractive of the two girls.

Superficial, but you’ll be happier with the hotter girl. It’s a law of the universe, like gravity or calling shotgun.

If you’re bored with your girlfriend, go for the office minx. ‘The heart wants what the heart wants’ – that’s from Wedding Crashers, words to live by no doubt.

Alternatively, if you are consumed with self-loathing and regret following your tawdry betrayal, stick with your missus.

But never volunteer the truth about your weak-willed infidelity. If she asks, lie. If she finds out about your betrayal from someone else, tell her she drove you to it.

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