Q. I used to text one of my friends every day.

I then fell in love with her and told her, but she didn’t feel the same way and our friendship was never the same.

She started dating someone, so I wrote her a long letter with this one line at the end: ‘you were a mistake’. But I still find myself thinking about her.

A  Good grief. Sometimes I get depressed, but thank God there are blokes like you to make me feel functional.

Are you sure this girl actually knew your name and wasn’t some poor lass you followed home from work every night until she took out a restraining order?

Maybe she wasn’t into you because you’re the kind of guy who takes forever to have a crack at a girl you fancy, and then tries to take it back to mask your sense of rejection, before brooding on it for months and agonising whether to apologise even after she’s hooked up with another fella.

Forget her about her. Move on and get a new personality.

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