Six women have said that they were abused by Savile, with one claiming that the Jim’ll Fix It presenter raped her in his dressing room.

According to the Mail Online the documentary contains contribution from former production staff who claim Savile’s behaviour was an ‘open secret’.

Fellow TV veteran and campaigner for children’s rights, Esther Rantzen, said: “I felt Jim had persuaded us all, audiences, fans, television professionals, even the Pope, to create a myth around Saintly Jim so that he became untouchable.

“One of the assaults had even been witnessed by the member of a television production team. So why was nothing done?”

A Newsnight investigation into the allegations into Savile was shelved when the presenter died.

Various women who claim they were raped and abused by the star have come forward to speak to The Mirror in a series of shocking interviews. 

Savile’s family have condemned the documentary makers, suggesting that they were ‘cashing in’ because Savile wasn’t present to defend himself.

Jimmy Savile rose to prominence as a DJ on Radio 1, appearing later on Top of The Pops and presenting Jim’ll Fix It.

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