Football legend Diego Maradona was hospitalised after he crashed his car into a bus in a Buenos Aires last night.

The World Cup winner, 50, sustained minor injuries when his 4×4 Honda smashed into a bus in the outer suburb of Ezeiza near his home.

Both Maradona and his girlfriend Verónica Ojeda, who was a passenger in the car at the time, were taken to hospital.

Maradona sustained injuries to his ankle and left knee while Verónica bruised her hip.

But director at Hospital de Ezeiza, Dr Oscar Cicco said they were "in a perfect condition".

“The two patients are in perfect condition with no signs of any trauma evident. They were able to return home just a few hours after arriving at the hospital.”

Maradona’s doctor Alfredo Cahe agreed that the car crash was notheing to worryt about, saying: “It is nothing serious."

The sporting great is believed to have been on his way to visit his mother who is currently in hospital when the accident happened. of Ezeiza.

He is due to take over as coach of Al Wasl in the United Arab Emirates this season, his first job since  the 2010 World Cup when he was coach for Argentina.

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