Lady Gaga is doing her part to help out the Japan tsunami and earthquake relief efforts by donating all profits from a bracelet sale.

The white, rubber bracelet, designed by Gaga, features the slogan “We Pray For Japan” in both English and Japanese, along with an image of her trademark Monster Claw.

Through her official website and Twitter, Gaga is encouraging her millions of fans to participate in this good cause, offering a rah-rah “Go Monsters” at the end of her plea.

The £5 bracelets go on sale on 25 March, but supporters can pre-order as early as today through Gaga’s website for £3.

Gaga has used her stardom for philanthropic efforts in the past. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake disaster, the Poker Face songstress donated $500,000 to the relief effort.

Other big-hearted celebrities like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber have used their platform to encourage support for the disaster as well.

Perry reminded fans to donate to the Red Cross with a simple text message, while Bieber offered his condolences to a country he called “one of my favourite places on earth.”