Levin police are hunting a robber with
a dog bite on her leg after a stabbing and robbery in public toilets
in the Horowhenua town of Shannon tonight.

Police said a 40-year-old Shannon woman was stabbed in the thigh
after been threatened by a woman armed with a pocket knife, who
demanded money from her about 6.15pm.

The robber was described as a chubby Maori woman in her late
teens or early 20s, with short black hair, wearing a black top and
black jeans.

Police said the victim was out walking her dog when the attack
took place, but during the robbery her dog leapt to her defence and
bit the attacker on her leg.

The robber fled the scene, after stabbing the victim with her
pocket knife and taking a sum of money and some medication from the
victims’ bag.

The victim was taken to Palmerston North hospital and treated for
a single stab wound which required stitches.

Levin police are seeking any information.