On 10 February Down With Dating offers a nuclear love bunker (let’s face it with North Korea we may all need one) for those who don’t have a plus one to get out the house and maybe meet someone of the opposite sex who they may wish to see once more.

As usual there will be the legendary Speed Hating, which is an opportunity to unload all things you hate like porridge, small dogs or Simon Cowell (or indeed Simon Cowell’s small dog). In between the misfortune teller will be reading palms and predicting death and destruction for any unlucky couples who venture near, whilst Blind Hate will be asking one fortunate lady or gent to pick their possible future partner via questions like, ‘If I came home and found you in relationship running, position with a sex toy, which one would you wish it to be and why?’. After which they will be whisked off for a pint of ‘Old Ginger’ at the bar. You also get to play old time games, maybe throw a few darts and then slump in a corner, ‘Saying, hate me, they all hate me…’

Down With Dating is brought to you by the people wot made Feeling Gloomy who obviously have far too many issues to go in to on this short release.

So if you fancy dishing out some abuse in the hope you may attract a future partner then pop down. You only have your dignity to lose!

The Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Square, London, W1 10 February, 7.00pm-10.00pm.