Mayor Boris Johnson announced last week that revellers will be charged £10 to attend, with only 100,000 tickets being made available to the public.

Tickets will be available from 12 noon tomorrow (26 September) and people can book up to four tickets, each subject to a £10 administration fee, by visiting

Organisers say ticketing is not for profit with every penny of the administration fee being used to pay for the ticketing itself, and the extra infrastructure the decision to ticket will bring.

Last year, around half a million attended the fireworks, and organisers say that such huge numbers are untenable.

It was decided that ticketing the event was the best way to ensure the safety of those attending and to help “secure the long-term future of what has become an iconic London event”.

Many fear however that it’ll create a black market for tickets – we’re sure touts won’t mind. 

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