The party mecca on 35 Hertford Street will be a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour, art and fashion, with a wall made from moving Maneki-Neko CATS, scratch and sniff wallpaper, staff dressed in LED-festooned fetish clothing flash like lightning bolts through the colourful chaos, delivering champagne in decadent neon-light shopping trolleys.


As you’d expect from any club with House and Bish at the helm, the venue has already attracted interest from celebrities and organisers of star-studded events, but the club has also selected 500 founding members – chosen because they embody the vibrant attitude and self expression of this groundbreaking club. 


The list, which will never be published, includes people from all walks of life who will “become the Drama”. As Nick House says: “There is no elitism on the Drama 500 list – they range from drag queens to drag car racers.” 


Residencies will include London’s most luxurious gay night, #DramaQueen, hosted by the inimitable Jodie Harsh, as well hip-hop, house and Balearic nights from Wednesday to Sunday every week. 

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