Preparing your various travel documents can go a long way in ensuring that your trip flows seamlessly and you are able to both avoid and find solutions to any problems that crop up. Get yourself ready ahead of time and prepare to chill out on holiday with our handy list of some of the most important paperwork to prepare when heading off to Europe:


One thing to always check and double check before booking your next holiday is your passport. Check to see that it is in date and that you can actually locate it (it’s surprising how often people go to book a holiday only to find that they have lost their passport!). A passport is effectively your key to travelling so always carry it close and keep it safe.

European Health Insurance Card

Anyone from a country part of the EEA is eligible to apply for an EHIC card and an EHIC card renewal. A European Health Insurance Card entitles you to receive healthcare in the same way as a local of the country you are visiting in can. This can mean you will be able to receive free or significantly discounted healthcare should you fall ill or need a routine check-up while you are outside of the UK. Once you have your EHIC it will be valid for 5 years which means you will be covered for any trips to Europe you make within that time.

Student Cards

While this isn’t relevant to everyone, it is important to note that should you have one it is always worthwhile bringing your student ID as some attractions and shops in Europe do offer discounts to students.

ID Card

Be sure to bring along your personal ID card on any travels you make as you never know when it could come in handy. You can be asked for your ID at any point (when going to a bar, club, cinema etc.) so be sure to not end up being caught out and unable to go somewhere!

Bring Spares!

Something to always consider when you are travelling is bringing photocopies of your travel documents, just in case you should lose them or have them stolen. Keep your document copies in a separate bag so that you are always able to have access to some form of documentation even if your bag ends up being stolen. It is also a really great idea to keep a copy of the emergency numbers and details you will need along the way that you can slip into your wallet or bum bag. There is a wonderful itinerary storage website called ‘Tripit’ which help you to make a note of all the contact you will need, from your hotel to your car rental details.